Monday, June 8, 2009

I was supposed to be

enjoying my last night with my roomies in our dorm or should I say my former dorm, P5B. Sadly, i had to leave early and i really miss them right now. They just called me and they cried on the phone. *sobs* I wish I was there with them now. :( My parents attended the closing ceremony at my camp this morning and after that, they decided to bring me back along with them. i didn't want to for we've made a deal that i will be going back by bus tomorrow because we're having a closing night and there will be a lot of performances and I'm supposed to be acting in a small scene in a drama but they were still insisting so i had no choice and pack away my stuff in the last minute. The hardest part was saying goodbye and hugging each and everyone of them. I cried as I walked out of the camp. I never thought that this is how it would end. Funny when I recall, I was so reluctant to join NS in the first place but I've had plenty of fun and unforgettable experiences. So, it's true that people doesn't wanna leave NS because there's always millions of good memories. I'm going to miss every goddamn minutes I had with my roomies and people there :) I know it's hard but I'm dealing with it.

I, Hilda Teo Suk Ting, wirawati Bravo Kem Sg. Rait Miri Kump.2 Siri 6/2009 has officially finished my national service.

*cough* Before I forget, for more juicy info about NS, catch Project NS every friday night, 9.30 pm only on 8TV. :p

My bestest darlings

Wirawati Bravo; took it seconds before I leave && THIS pic was taken by Megan ;)

More photos updates soon. Night.

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