Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Yesterday, Nad told me that she was thinking of Twittering and in her blog as well. I've heard of Twitter before but I think it's boring because it looks just like those shoutout thingy in FS or FB. Then I got bored and had nothing else better to do so I decided to try out Twittering. So yes, I have one now but I still don't know how it works. Sakai eh. Oish just texted me a few minutes ago saying she's following my Twitter! Yayy. :P I didn't know she had one because she never said. Hehe. She also taught me to design my own background and how to chat through Twitter. LOL. I'm still a newbie and I'm thinking that Nad should come along Twittering and she said she might do it tomorrow. Wee. I'm waiting sayangku. Perhaps Alek can join us as well, right Nad my love? Hahahahah :P I was chatting with Cathy on MSN at the same time and I invited her to Twitter as well so I don't feel like I'm the only sakai newbie hehe and here's what she said~

Hilda milda says: cath! get a twitter!
Cathy says: hahahaha
Cathy says: twitter?
Hilda milda says: yea
Cathy says: wat;s so good about twitter?
Hilda milda says: buang boring
Hilda milda says: haahahahha
Cathy says: hahhaha
Cathy says: i wil make onee
Cathy says: when im done with my exam
Hilda milda: yeayy. eh :/

People, let's Twitter! :D

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cathy laa said...

alaaaa u. wan me look like a sakai too huh? u shud hav tell me honestly! HAHAHAH! don worry, when im done with exam, i don mind being a sakai or pokai or wateverkai~ LOL