Saturday, July 4, 2009

Blame me doofus

I told myself not to have supper anymore since my weight is gaining and my tummy is rounder. Sheesh. My weight gained 0.6kg after yesterday -____________- It is 11.53pm and I'm having Maggie and Cola. Sedapppp. I am aware if I keep on like this I'll gain more kgs. I don't want to get fat! It's because I'm short already and my thighs are huge. Ugh. Now I have trouble sleeping and I don't eat according to the right time. For goodness sake, I really need to start living healthy? And another thing, I don't wanna end up like the biggest loser in the Hallmark channel. You know? Ah okay. I'm being ridiculous. Hehe. I need sleeping pills and lots of love. :p

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