Sunday, July 5, 2009

Reunion or Farewell

The title above popped out of my head while I was waiting for my Dad at the airport tonight. Well, airport is where reunions and farewells happened. I'm leaving soon Such a coincidence when I saw a couple of friends there who was apparently on the same flight with my Dad; Rome and Esther. I got to talk to them and somehow I didn't want to leave yet, just felt like talking endlessly. I have loads to tell them. Lol. Esther was my ex classmate and a very close friend since Form 1 and she's currently studying in Aussie. She said she misses me (she called me right after I texted her when she left :p) and i do too~ prolly I'll get to hang out with her soon. Yeayy. It's been a while since I last saw her. Rome on the other hand was my senior. We were in the debate team during secondary school so we were close before he further his study in Aimst. I'm really glad to see him and I'm looking forward to hang out with him as well.

Okay okay, back to the thought of reunion and farewell. I'll be leaving soon for studies and I have to bid farewell to family, friends and Bintulu. I sound like I'm going to leave for good, don't I? Heh, it's always my habit to exaggerate over small matter. I wasn't very excited to go to kl because knowing that I'll be alone. New people and new environment, I'm not quite ready for that but my sis is working over there so it's still okay. At least i can see her on weekends. I may not get to come back home that often because all of my hols are short. Homesickness devastates me and I should start being independent!

There will be definitely so many things I'm going to miss but I would rather ramble about that on my last post before I leave. *toothy grins*

In the meantime, I'm getting better with the whole moving on thingy though I feel a bit neglected because Nad is too busy with her *tuuuuut* and Cathy is enjoying herself shopping in Singapore. Thankfully Yao is back but I haven't got the chance to meet her. Maybe tomorrow Yes. *fingers crossed* And oh yesterday, I met Johanese, a friend of mine whom I met on Friendster. She's really sweet and I'll be hanging out with her more often because we live quite near to each other.

Gonna watch Gossip Girl before I dive in my boobs-a-gogo-lands. Nitey nite, don't let the bed bugs bite!

Nahh, I peace to poke your eyes.

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