Friday, July 24, 2009

I gotta feeling

that it's different this time. I'm not sure but I hope it is. I'm ready I guess. :)

Orientation was not really fun but okay.

Not going to ramble much about orientation but I met someone cute there :p

So, I'm gonna rewind back to the last few days ago.

I was at the Pavilion, dining at Tony Roma's with Dad, sister and her boyfriend when suddenly, the lights went out. Blackout in Pavilion. LOL. And on our way back to hotel, we saw an accident just in front of Lot 10. A motorcycle got knocked down by a Mercedes. The motorist fell and luckily he wasn't bleeding though his shoes slipped out and his motorcycles broke. Poor him.

Being away from my family seems to be horrible. I thought I could pull this off myself but I am wrong. The day I sent my father to KL before I went back to hostel, I cried. Everytime my Mum or sister called me, I cried as well. The first and second night had been worse. Thank God I was better on the third day. I seem to be able to adapt to the new environment around me. My hostel was an old apartment and has no wireless. WTF. But it is only 5 minutes away from Midvalley and The Gardens! I can just see them from my balcony That means I have easy access to shopping and movies! *thumbs up* So I have to wake up early everyday, do my laundry, cook and start to turn on nerding mode. I am quite happy because my housemates are fine and I've made a new friend, too. Elin is her name. She's a local and she has been very helpful, she's really nice to hang out with. Also, she's taking care of me like a sister. I'm grateful for that.

I went out for dinner with my sister tonight and bought two headbands from Sinma. A black one with a bow and a plain yellow one. Oh ya, I'll prolly get a Maxis number soon. Everyone here is using Maxis but I'm still using my DiGi number. Manyak susah. *smack head*

7 months of life w/o books, studies and examination, I felt different when I'm finally starting my first semester this coming Monday. I got my timetable last Wednesday and I have 5 subjects this semester; Bio, Physics, Chem, Maths and English. I've studied these before but it might be harder and much more specific this time. Gosh. Hope I could struggle through my foundation because I friggin' need to make it to degree! *fingers crossed* One year and degree, here I come! :D

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Roza said...
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Roza said...

that tonight's gonna be a good night ;)
heheh sorry i had to, BEP love 'em

Hilda Milda said...

yea, i noe that song :)