Friday, July 24, 2009

Missing in action

for 6 days and here am I, pops out of nowhere. Hehe.

I am spending my weekend in Klang with my sister, so that's why I get to online using her wireless. And my hostel doesn't have one! Suckss. I miss facebooking, blogging, and twittering!

I will update soon. I need sleep lah. I just finished my orientation.

P/S: I've watched Drag Me To Hell this evening. I keep thinking about the scary old lady every now and then. Sheesh. Blame Elin. She was the one who wanted to watch that movie so much. Oh BTW, she's my roomie and course mate too :)

Errr, I think I'm getting those butterflies again in my tummy and palm sweating. So here we go again ~ Ugh.

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