Sunday, August 9, 2009

Do you prefer Margaret or "Satan's Mistress"?

My title was actually a quote from the movie The Proposal. Yes I've watched it! After I missed it last week because the tickets was sold out and I almost missed it again yesterday because it was full at 1.45pm but by hooks and by crooks, I MUST watch it. So, I decided 4.15pm would be fine. Overall, the movie was great, it's a must-watch because Sandra Bullock's in it. She never fail to make the audience laugh It was special because this was the second weekend we went out and the third movie we watched together. :D Enough details bout that. Okay, let's move on.As usual, Mid Valley was packed with people and I was just strolling around, looking for food while waiting for the movie. I was hunting for shoes as well at Vincci and Nose but there were none that captured my heart. I effin' need a pair of shoes! Sobs. want a gladiator but I don't think it will look good on me because duh, Imma shawty. Maybe a pair of heels but the problem is I can't walk on heels. I guess just a simple thongs will do. Heh :)


yeah I got cupcakes I practically squealed when I saw them though they weren't those cute kinds of cupcakes but just that, cupcakes makes me go real excited *sakai*

I haven't ate them yet. I just can't. They look so tiny and adorable! I somehow feel sorry for them. Pfft.

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