Monday, August 10, 2009

Baby, I'm bad news

Today was average. Thank God I wasn't having the Monday blues. It started off not quite good because I was rushing to class. I forgot to set my alarm clock AGAIN. I had Honeystars and milk for breakfast but wasn't quite fullfilling and my poor tummy was grumbling the whole morning. Mr Chan seems to be in a good mood this morning so Maths was fine, studied Matrices and Carmen's rule. Mdm. Leela released us earlier for lunch break and she postponed the date for us to pass up the report which means I have one more week to finish those craps and I won't be having sleepless night this week. Hurrahh. I've got the speech for my English oral test, it was Winston Churchill's speech - Blood, toil, tears and sweat. I only have one week time and I really have to start memorising it. Mr Daniel was supposed to enter our class late today and he gave us tutorials but in the end he dismissed our class around 3. The sun was shining brightly today and I felt like getting more vitamin D. Too bad it rained after classes. I was shivering the whole day because it was so cold in my class and I was still feeling unwell. I might need to wear two sweaters to keep me warm. Ugh, and I'll look like a big fat sushi? Ahaa.

It's only been three days and 8 more cases of H1N1 was reported. And guess what, I read The Star online again and another 6 cases reported which made a total of 32 death cases. Wtf. 8 death cases in a day?! Unbelieveable *shake head* I was trying to get a mask after class just now but it seem to be out of stock everywhere. Some of my classmates was having fever the last weekends and they were having this cough remix in class. I'll better take early precautions before anything happens. So first thing tomorrow, I'll get a mask!

It's late now and I better get some sleep or else I'll be rushing AGAIN tomorrow morning. Sigh.

This feeling deep inside
When you're right by my side
I'll always be with you
Believe me this is true
Whenever we apart
You're deep with in my heart
Cause you'll be with me all the time

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