Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Gasping for air

Tuesday's a doom day D: I was having a really hard time to wake up this morning. When I saw two of my roomies still sleeping, I felt like going back again to sleep. Best la they don't have morning class. So, I had nasi lemak this morning and Teh O Ais. I had Physics for the first period and I tried my best to understand what Mr Chan was talking about. Luckily I didn't feel asleep. So, I learnt about Projectile motion which is useful in Sports Science, something related to pyhsio. At one point, I felt something wrong with myself. I was breathing hard as if I would ran out of breath. My instant reaction was to PANIC! It may be H1N1!

Without second thought, I dragged Elin with me to a nearby clinic. The doctor checked my temperature, my pulse and my blood pressure. He said I was perfectly fine, perhaps just a bit stressed up or something is bothering me emotionally. wtf. And I thought my old friend, asthma was visiting me. Oh well, I guess I overreacted for a bit there and the best part was I had to pay RM34 even though it was only less than 5-minute consultation, fee plus a packet of Centrum vitamin. I'm speechless but health is more important than anything. I even asked the doctor if he could write me an MC because I didn't feel like going to English class. All he said was, "You think you need one?" and gave me a friendly smile. ;p

All I need is more rest and gotta study for my Bio test on Thursday. :)

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