Tuesday, August 4, 2009

In the mood for henna :)

Elin and I went for a walk yesterday, at the Indian street near our hostel. I've wanted to get henna all this while. Fyi, I had one before when I was in Form3. So, I looked for it but didn't manage to find any shop which serve henna artwork but then we went to this Bombay Point that sell lots of accessories. I found a DIY Henna Paste and it was cheap, I bought 2 for RM3 only! Then on our way back, we saw a saloon which provides spa, mani/pedi and Henna! I practically dragged Elin there and asked more about the Henna artwork they have. They charged RM30 for both hands. I was like O.o so I left the shop, disappointed 'cause that was a bit too pricey

Luckily, one of my Indian housemates, Yuga knew how to do Henna. So I asked her for her help and she did find the design from the internet and do the henna thingy during midnight while the other roomates are already snoring on bed. Heh gila kaw kaw. Elin had her own henna also but only on one hand while I have mine on both. Yuga said she will buy a rather better Henna and do it for us again. Yeay~

Minutes after I had the henna

Mine and Elin's

I'm loving it. Thanks Yuga! :D

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