Monday, August 3, 2009

The apple of my eye

is turning 6 years old today!

Happy Birthday Megan Teo ! :D

I called her this morning around 7.30 am. I waited quite a while and was about to hang up because I thought she must have left for school already.

Megan: Hello.
Hilda: *grinning wide* Hey Megan, happy birthday.
Megan: Thanks.
Hilda: Do you miss me? If you don't, you wont get your present.
Megan: Mmmmmm. *silence* Got la. Eh, I wanna go to school liao.
Hilda: Ok ok, call you back later in the evening.
Megan: Bye.
Hilda: *stunned* o_0

She hung up real fast. It's okay. It's her birthday anyway. I love you Megan. In fact, I miss you too. :(

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