Saturday, August 22, 2009

Nothing feels right when I'm not with you

Today was okay, slightly better than yesterday. I should be doing my tutorials but then I was online-ing the whole day. Sigh. I get distracted easily.

Had mcD for dinner and I bought Seventeen magazine for Aug issue and I was thinking of joining their casting day on 1 Sept ahahaha, something that I wanted to do since ages!

Things that I wanted to do so badly now:
#1. Watch I love you Beth Cooper and Up!
but nobody is free to accompany me
#2. Get a hair cut
but I still couldn't make up my mind to cut or not to cut
#3. Shop for more tees and shoes
but I've overspent this month
#4. Study for my bio test on Monday
but I procrastinate
#5. Change my blogskin
but I'm too lazy

Btw, Happy fasting to all my Muslim friends. I'm looking forward to Ramadhan bazaar cause it means it's time for more food scavenging! :D


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