Sunday, August 2, 2009

Out of the doubts that fills my mind,

I somehow find you and I collide :)

I woke up groggily and was VERY suprised to receive a text msg from an unknown number this morning. He was a senior of mine and he told me he found my file. Wait, I'm confused. How did he get my maxis number when I don't even give it to my class rep? *cause he said he got my num from my class rep* Heh, well that's not important anymore cause my file is safe and sound with him. :) Phew, thank God, oh and not to forget that senior too. Thanks millions trillions and whatever lions there is. Rawrr. I finally had my specs done! Thin black frame. Wat do you think?

It is indeed a good start of august. I lost my stuffs and now I had them back. I'm loving you august baby but September will still be my favourite! :D Why? You'll know soon. Hehe.

Megan's birthday is on Monday and my sis and I almost forgot about it. Wtf. So we quickly bought her a present just now and will post it asap. I hope that choosy brat will like what she get. I can imagine how she react when she recieves the present. Mum's getting her a new sports shoes. Lucky her.

So I'm still stressed out bout this bio report that I need to pass up on Wed. Xylem, phloem, stem cells or microscope? 0_O I hate being confused. My brain is half paralysed now. I need sleep but I couldn't, unless I finish this report. Gahh, i need help. Please help me from drowning in confusion. Pfft. Wtf. I'm starting to ramble nonsense.

Okay, enough bullshit. I need to focus and continue on my report. Plus it's late. Ciao~

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