Saturday, August 29, 2009

Stop with the stares. What do you exactly want from me?

I'm feeling okay right now. I've kind of gotten over things. Not completely though. But these few days I've been pretty much distracted with things so it didn't pop back into my head much but it still does at night.

I'm supposed to be working on my bio report due on next Wedenesday and finishing my tutorials but instead I'm going on facebook and brogskin-ing. ;D AS ALWAYS. Egh procrastination. Oh, I just cant stop rambling about I have not been productive, my tutorials and my studies bla bla bla bla! How lame is that?

Agh it's another boring Friday for me and already I can't wait for the next month to come :D It's an unpleasant August and I hope September is going to be my month cause my birthday falls on that month. So people might think what's so big deal about my birthday and I'll answer 'Cause it's my 18th birthday you moron! (: I can't wait to have celebration with my family and friends and to get pressies which reminds me of a list of things in my wishlist!

Pfft. I'm bored. I have nothing better to do to entertain myself. I feel like getting some vitamin D. I feel like swimming. Heh. I feel like cleaning up my hostel. But too bad I'm lazy lazy lazy lazy lazy lazy lazy. :D Who cares anyway?


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