Thursday, August 27, 2009

Close your eyes and dream.

25 more days till I'm back to Sarawak.
29 more days till my 18th birthday(!)

I'm counting every single day. I'm freakin' excited about this okay! I hope everything goes well :D

Hurrah for me, I'm having my Friday off again and holiday on Monday cause it's MERDEKA! I'm determined that I want to finish all my tutorials this weekend and study for my test. I really can't procrastinate anymore or else I'll ended up in deep shit. Too bad I can't shop for more before the Mega Sales End. Boo.

&& oh ya maybe gonna meet up Dom & Rex with Yol this Saturday :)

I can't think of anything right now. Idk what to write. It's been another not so good week for me and that's the reason why I seldom blog lately. I'm lazy to rant and being emo. Heh. So yea, I think it's best to turn in now. Sweet dreams people. *kissy kiss*

This is the hardest part
When I feel like you're fading
All that you have become unreal
Collapsing and aching
There I am
Left alone


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