Thursday, September 3, 2009

Darlin, it aint easy

to handle all this on my own. I 've had enough. Daddy called yesterday. He said daddy's girl should be strong because he knew his girl isn't weak. Crying won't solve any problem but that's just my way of letting go of my stress. So what if I'm a crybaby? Do you have a problem with that? *raised eyebrow*

Why life has to be so miserable?

My hostel sucks. I hate this place because I don't have a single drop of water to bathe and it's been driving me crazy for the whole week. Hopefully I'm moving out to the other hostel by the end of this month. I wouldn't want to spend my whole foundation this year in this shitty place except the fact that this place is much more convenient to travel around if compared to the another hostel.

I'll be having exams for the next two weeks but I haven't started with my revision because the environment here is bugging me. So I'll be away to my sister's this weekend to meditate heh to study and relax myself. Maths and Physics next week, followed by Chem and Bio on another week. Thinking about these tests is really stressing me out. Urgh. *breathe in breathe out*

To someone, I need you.

To life, please spare me.


*emo hello kitty*


by charraine sudin. said...

hilllldaaaaa,someone imitated ur about me section. see see see

Hilda Milda said...

really? OMG. Thanks for telling me :)