Saturday, September 26, 2009

Multiplegazillions of thanks

So, this is it. Hold your breath cause this is going to be long.

This post is specially for you guys who made my birthday a special one. I'll post another update about my birthday celebration. :)

63 wishes on facebook, 20 text messages on my cellphone, 4 IM on MSN, 2 wishes on twitter and 6 phone calls. This is like way cooler than last year cause I remembered I didn't get these much. Thanks to facebook I guess? Heh.

Thanks to Cathy for that little suprise. I knew you had something up your sleeves. :)

Thanks to Amy, Serena, Vivian, Abigail and Mok Yin for the supper and present.

Thanks to Mummy, Sandra, Cathy, Nadd, Johanese Ann, Kak Lala, Raxinan, Sara, Ya Tze, Stephen, Faiznur, Aqmar Shahzada, Syafiq, Yazid, Cikgu Amanda, Edgar, Maman, Yao, Hazziera, and Samuel for the text messages.

Thanks to Kay and Fynna for the wishes on Twitter.

Thanks to Jacqass, Alek, Yon and Rome for the IM on MSN.

Thanks to Elin, Suzen, Nadd and Kimberly for calling me all the way.

Thanks to that someone who called me on the dot to sing me a birthday song :)

and not to forget those who wished me on facebook;

From Ciwi Ping, Jeremy Chung and Farah.

From Yik Lun, Herman and Sharry.

From Ju Hui, Joseph Wong and Felicia.

From Roza, Lyla, Jill and Ain.

From David, Wen Yi, Samuel and Chevale.

From Dom, Ah Ni and Janet.

From Kiew, Vivian, Alvin and Sofia.

From Vino, Wong Shea and Raxinan.

From Intan, Neng, Eexin and Hui Wen.

From Titom, Monica, Yuki and David.

From Pauline, Timothy, Fazrul and Pannir.

From Shashini, Epah and Gemini.

From Yazid, Siew Lai and Sii Yee.

From Fami and Ding.

From Esther, Kai Chi and Fyda.

From Elin, Es, and Widdy.

From Yon, Eija, Joeann, Alek, Vincent and Apphia.

I'm grateful and thankful that you guys do remember my birthday. ♥ you guys!

P/s: You have no idea how long it takes to finish this post :p


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sMoochie said...

i called you, ok?
but you did not answer my phone..

Hilda Milda said...

HAHAHA i'll edit after this :))