Monday, September 28, 2009

When good things come to an end

One week of holidays is coming to an end and I have yet to bid another farewell to my beloved hometown. I'm flying back to KL tomorrow *wipes tears*

I've been lazy to update for the past few days because I wasn't in the mood to do so plus I got occupied with things at home. So here I am to give you some update for the last few days. *cough Feels like a broadcaster :p*


Happy legal birthday to me! Turning one year older means growing up, you know that. Growing up means one thing -- be more independent and I don't want to be the responsible grown up who worry all the time. C'mon, life is too short. Make mine sweet okay?

So what happened on my birthday?

I pretty much spent the whole day with Megan and being emo because I don't get to go out. So pratically whoever tried to cheer me up that day failed and I was making a big fuss of anything. Sorry guys but I'm like this. A big old whiney D: I went to a youth gathering (it's a church thingy) that night and little did I know Cathy had something on her sleeves. She suprised me with a cake!

How sweet of her and I almost cried but I hold myself. After that, I left for a supper with my old buddies//ex-classmates. We're were taking non stop and yea they gave me a present too. Gee, thanks (: I was having such a great time till I forgot to take photos of us. *smacks head* But I think I'll be seeing all of them again during CNY. Overall, it was a simple yet great birthday minus the daytime hahas.


It's my Mum's birthday. Maybe it's because that our birth dates are near so we look alike a lot and close in a particular way? :D The one who gets happy easily when people mistaken me as her. That means she looks younger that people even thinks that I am her. Pfft but I must admit that she does look young. Too bad I don't have a picture of her because the camera doesn't like her hahas maybe she's just camera shy. So I wanna wish my Mum a belated birthday again and I love you so much. :)

Cathy came over that night to have a sleepover as we had planned. She was watching her Little Nyonya but then she ended up watching football match between Man U and Stoke City cause I wanted her to accompany me :) See, she spoiled me. We slept around 2am after she finished listening to all my whinings and craps while I did my part as well to lend her my ear. Aww, I really miss our pillow talks time, we can just talk anything till we fell asleep.


I had a great morning on Sunday. Breakfast at my favorite coffee shop and then went to church. I had lunch with my family and Cathy and then went to the mall. Cathy brought an Orphan DVD and before this I kept on convincing her that the movie is undeniably awesome so I got to watch it again. I did my tutorials that afternoon when I was finally in the mood for it but then I couldn't answer most of the questions so I gave up :p Cathy stayed for another night but she slept early yesterday because she was tired so I was watching ANTM on my own until I fell asleep.

So this is it. My boring holidays but yet I enjoyed it and had lots of fun. Consequences that I had to bear - I learn zilch and study zilch. I still have a test coming up. So what do you think? *raises eyebrow*


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