Monday, September 21, 2009

No other place like home

Apparently I'm home, in my room right now. It feels so great to be home cause I miss the smell of my room hahas and the privacy I always used to have.

My morning sucked cause my flight was delayed for one hour and I didn't sleep well during the whole flight. The airplane was shaky and yea it seemed like it took ages to land. Pfft. So I reached around noon and was happy to see my family waiting for me at the airport. We headed straight to my aunt's house and I got to eat my all time favourite daging masak hitam and kuah satay nom nim nom hahas and not to forget I also got duit raya too :D

Since I didn't sleep much for the past 24 hours *serves me right*, i was tired and i dozed off once I get home. Everything at home is still the same :) I had dinner outside and Cathy was supposed to come to my house for a sleepover but then it was cancelled. Boo. Yet, I'm looking forward for more vavavoom tomorrow and first up will be kolok mee for breakfast :D Plus I got the feeling that my hollyday is gonna be awesome cause Mummy's been bizarrely nice. Everything she did today makes me happy :) She doesn't nag on my dyed hair which she never allowed me to and she was eager to get me a broadband (Y) plus, she even asked if I'm going beraya with my friends which she never allowed me to either. And all the other stuffs Mum, you're becoming super cool all of a sudden and to be honest I loike! :D

Anyway, I should be going to get some beauty sleep. Till then, stay tuned for more updates on my hollyhollyhollyday.

P/s: 13 more tutorials and a test to study. Shitty shit D:


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