Thursday, September 24, 2009

When the sun goes down

The last two days has been hectic. I was sick. Thank God I had enough sleep last night and today I'm feeling much better :)

Tuesday has been great cause I was meeting Cathy. My Dad picked her up and she had breakfast with my family. After that, we hung out at my house. We talked and did some stuffs we usually do.

My feet and her curly hair :p

My bed :D

We also watched 17 again but then it was kinda boring so we ended up making mooncake puddings, 16 of them :D We're mooncake pudding's experts hahas and I'm so sorry hun that you get tons of mosquitoes' bite than me while you're in the kitchen, maybe your blood is sweeter than mine LOL. She stayed for dinner and my Mum sent her back home while Megan and I were getting ready to go beraya with our cousins. We went out at 8pm and had supper we headed back home. Megan decided to have sleepover at our cousins' and I tagged along. That night I had a terrible gastric and I didn't sleep until 6am. The pain was effin unbearable and I almost cried pfft. I was weak the entire day and yet I had to accompany Megan and my cousins to a movie. We watched District 9 cause there's no other movie that time and it was not very interesting. Megan was excited cause it was her first time in the cinema but then she got bored cause the movie freaked her out or maybe she didn't understand what the movie is about. After the movie, I wanted to go home but Megan insisted to stay for one more night. I let Mum to decide and I got to go home yeay and Megan stayed. It's not that I didn't want to but I was feeling unwell and Mum though I should study for my test too but then I ended up sleeping early around 8pm heh. So that's the end of my Wednesday.

As for today, was okay. I stayed home, did nothing much while waiting for my big day.

P/s: 12 and three quarters of tutorials and a test to study. Uber shitty shit.


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