Friday, October 23, 2009

Do I ever even cross your mind?

Again you called it a day but didn't wish me goodnight and say the (L) word. Supposedly, I need to be sure and not doubtful. Forgive me if I seem insecure, I just don't wanna lose you.

So for the very first time, I broke my own record which I stayed up till 8am. I can't believe myself either! I did practically nothing until 6 then I started to study and it took me 45 minutes to cover up a few minutes. I didn't plan to sleep because I'm waiting for the postman today. I didn't plan to sleep because I wanted to wait for the postman today. But then I ended up falling asleep until 130pm when I heard someone knocking on the door. I rushed towards the door and grinned to myself when I saw it's the postman with my stuff. Though I was still groggy from sleep that moment. I signed it and remembered that I still have two more parcels to check in the mailbox. I took my shower first and then went to check the mailbox, my two parcels were inside and I could not be more happier! I was jumping for joy, not in public for sure *giggles*

Well, I'll show you guys what's inside the parcels on my next update cause I'm too lazy to edit all that stuffs right now. I'm sleepy for God's sake. LOL.

For the night, I had nasi lemak for dinner and it was umph delicious! :D After that, I headed to the mall with my sis. I bought seventeen magazine for myself and was window shopping the whole night. I managed to try on this dress from Nichii and I really love it cause lacey dress is one of the trend now. Too bad it costs around bloody rm150 and it's impossible that I'll get one for myself unless I'll ikat perut till the next time you see me, what is left is my ribs wtf LOL. Trust me, there will be cheaper one in online boutiques which I'm currently surveying on. I'm so gonna get one soon :p

it to the max yo!

Two more days to go and I'm back to my old lousy routined college life. Sigh.

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