Thursday, October 22, 2009

If all the raindrops were lemon drops and gum drops,

what a rain that would be! Acid rain cause it has lemon in it? LOL

Ohhmyyyygoosh, I've been very unproductive for the past 4 days and that's a bad thing I tell you. I tried to study but I'm having trouble concentrating. I don't get a single thing that I'm reading. Plus, I've been having a few sleepless nights lately. It's really hard to keep my eyes close cause I tend to think a lot. Somehow it freaks me out and I don't feel being me lately. Put the blame on PMS please? Sigh.

My brain is definitely not functioning right. And my head's spinning. Ugh. And I'm gonna curse if I'm having period pain. #!@?%^&*

Yet, today I woke up at 4pm feeling better for no reason. I did my laundry and tidy up my stuffs. I organized all my file in my lappy and uninstall some programs that used up some of my memory. I can't stand my lappy being a pain in my arse lately oh and msn too! Not to mention I've changed my desktop background as well!

cool huh? MAN UNITED rocks my sock

I had mcD for dinner and was excited for the night to come cause I got new episodes of GG, ANTM and Desperate Housewives. I even planned to study since the night is early until a friend of mine spoilt my mood wtf I hate it when it seems that you came to talk to me with the intention to show off what you got. Well, all I got to say is lucky you that you have a rich dad. Happy?

P/s: My Nuffnang has started to earn rm0.11 ! I know it's not much but better than nothing right? So please be kind enough to continue to click on my ads k? Click click!


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