Saturday, October 17, 2009

Good things come to those who smile


Sorry for the late update. I was too lazy to blog until I get enough sleep last two days.

Well, last Thursday was 2-thumbs up. We actually had class as usual until we saw no sign of Mr Chan at 930am and then Fazrul told us the morning class was canceled. Afternoon Chemistry class was then brought forward and it was like only one hour class when it was supposed to be two hours class.

So we finished everything at 11 and off we went to One Utama. It sucks that 500 Days of Summer is only available at certain cinemas, not at One Utama's so I still haven't watched it. I ended up watching The Ugly Truth with Belinda while the rest watched Sorority Row.

After the movie, all of us headed to Wong Kok Char Chan Teng to celebrate Joeann's birthday and the rest of the day was just awesome I tell you. So let the pictures tell you the story cause I'm just too lazy hahas maybe I lost my mojo recently ugh who cares

Later that evening, I rushed to Klang and the KTM ride was unbearable. I'm sick of whining how bad it was. Point made. End of the story C:

Btw, if you're kind enough, help me with the nuffnang ads. Please?



CathCathCathyyy said...

omg, i wan the photo booth thing! the 2 photos are taken using photo booth, righttt??

Hilda Milda said...

yeapp cath. omg! those here are so much cooler i tell you! wish you were here, we could take tons of thems! :D