Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I wanna be somewhere where you are

but you're just far away for me to hold on to you.

It's Tuesday, freaking Tuesday's over. Today's been a long and occupied day. I finally went swimming today(!) with Elin, Suzen and one of our housemates after we couldn't make it on last Sunday and yesterday. The water was icy cold and the wind was really strong. We were all shivering once we jumped into the pool. So we were just playing around the floating corpse game in the water hahas I know it's lame but they didn't know how to swim so that was all we can do. I managed to swim 3 laps and I got really tired. Maybe it's because I haven't been swimming since ages and my muscles started to ache and my ears hurt as well. Thanks to Suzen, for I've got another cut on my left leg next to my previous cut because I thought she was chasing me in the water. LOL.

Class wasn't that bad today actually. Somehow college life is getting slightly better by the day because I'm now used to it and being far away from home still sucks. Still, the weekends are what I'm actually looking forward to. But just thinking of the tutorials and reports that I have to do *rolls eyes*, I just feel like dying. I have a test coming up this Thursday and another two after the Deepavali holidays. This could not get any worse D: So well this is college life.

BTW, I've just joined the Nuffnang recently and added the advertisement in my blog. Please click on it and let me have some income too And as for this month, I'm learning to spend wisely and save some money in case I need them on rainy days but shopping is still my priority. That's just every girls' hobby, a fact you cannot deny hahas && I'm thinking of doing a new layout for my blog again when I'm free ((((: I just can't have enough of blogskinning!

Okay, I know this is boring and I better stop before you throw rotten tomatoes at me. Chiao~

P/s: Good luck to my little monster, Yon who is going to sit for her PMR tomorrow. All the best dear and make me proud okay? I know you can do it. Go girl!


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