Wednesday, October 7, 2009

You're a goofy goober

What's a goober? Aina was repeating this phrase yesterday and I found it rather cute. So I searched for its definition and this is what I get from urban dictionary.

"It means peanut, but we don't use it for talking about peanuts. When a person calls you a goober, take it as a compliment. A "goober" is generally a funny person. The person could be odd, weird, outstanding, popular, social. When called a goober, just laugh. Goober is higher than weird, it's nicer to be called."

So I guess goober is not a bad word? HAHAS Well, move along. I can't be bothered by this goober thingy LOL

Well, today is Wednesday and it's coffee day! :D I didn't know a thing about it until Belinda saw this advertisement on the newspaper which says we can have free coffee from Starbucks. I'm not a fan of coffee but I just go for it for the sake of fun. Half of my class was queueing there so why not join the crowd?

candid by Fazrul and the rest are my classmates

this is what you get when you are overdosed with caffeine

Too bad the coffee didn't help to keep me awake until the end of the class. Boo.

I'm not feeling awesomely great right now. I was so eager to study just now and I wasn't trying hard to focus by not having the laptop beside me. I was copying my note so that it's easier for me to revise but then I tend to do other things after that and guess what? *POOF* I forgot what I studied. Oh man. I should have took what Mr. Chan taught us in psychology class today into application on how to study. It has something to do with chunking principle and stuffs like that. *smacks head* I'm starting to talk nonsense. It seems that I'm so freaking pressurized right now. It's only a test and I bet it's a sign of being a super kiasu person or maybe I am one. Egh, Hilda needs to take a chill pill (:

Anyway, tomorrow is the last day of class of the week and I'm so looking forward to Friday because I get to sleep till the sunset. Life is good I tell you.


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Roza said...

goofy goober was from Spongebob! :D

Hilda Milda said...

really? i never heard of that. i tot it was from a song LOL