Sunday, October 4, 2009

Looking at you makes it harder

Hello mello peepos.

I just don't feel like blogging lately and again I'm not in the mood for everything cause apparently my life is pretty fucking bleak or probably I'm immuned of living my routined life which is boring and nothing special or perhaps I lack of inspiration? Well, that's for you and me to figure out.

It's such a suprise that I spent my weekend just facing my laptop in these four walls and I'm suffocating yet dying to go out. Luckily I did go out today. I went to One Utama to meet my sister. We had Korean food for lunch and my tummy was full but I headed home empty-handed. Sigh. I didn't find anything that caught my eyes except for these Oxfords from Nose. But then I decided not to buy them because I have some other important stuff to buy this month. Maybe next time? (:

Too bad I missed the Boys Like Girls' party because I didn't know where to get the ticket and oh, the All-American Rejects' concert is postponed because the lead singer Tyson Ritter has been hospitalised due to a recent accident so they couldn't make it this coming Saturday. Boo. My friends and I even planned on going for steamboat after the concert. Anyway, by hooks or by crooks I am going out for sure this coming weekend. I must! My monthly desire to shop must be fulfilled. :p Movies can do too and I haven't get to watch The Ugly Truth and Jennifer's Body too :D

And last night, it was really disappointing that it was a draw between MU and Sunderland because A. Ferdinand scored in his own team's goal D: Now I'm looking forward to Chelsea VS Liverpool and Arsenal VS Blackburn tonight! BTW, my sister told me that she'd spotted a Korean player in Bolton so I googled and found him.

Chung-Yong Lee, another adorable darling

So I guess Lee will be in my stalking list as well but then this baby is still my favourite C:

Park Ji Sung from Man United


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ADrian said...

Hello there...

Never knew you are into Park Ji Sung..:)

Anyway..nice blog u have :)

Hilda Milda said...

Yea yea. I love him! Cause he's the only asian in MU.