Saturday, October 3, 2009

You just got punk'd

Who? Me?

Nahh, it's actually a suprise and damn it's a good one. They left me speechless yet they said I got no expression. But deep down I'm really touched guys. Thanks so much and I didn't expect that one coming. Seriously. Cause it's like a week after I blew off my 18th candles.

We went to Mama's Kitchen for lunch as usual but then Sie Yii and Suzen wanted to go to MCD out of the blue and Elin said she'll be late because she needed to go to the toilet. Yii Pei was missing too, for no reason. So only Joanne, Belinda and I went there and got our food. As I was in the middle of eating, suddenly everyone appeared and Ridhwan showed up with a cake and exclaimed Suprise! I was like Huh? I was so blur and I didn't get what was happening. Then Elin said it's mine and asked me to open up the cake box. So I did and I saw my name was written on the cake-- and it's a cheese cake! I was like OMG and nearly cried but then I hold myself. They lighted up the candles and sang me the birthday song. All I can do was blushing.

Elin and Suzen

Yii Pei and Sie Yii

Belinda, Blossom and Joe Ann

Well, I'm happy and so is everybody else and we had our tummy filled with cheese cake. Aww I don't know what more to say but yes, big thank you to you guys. Loves

And today, Elin gave me another suprise. She called me at 0129AM and asked to look for a book in her drawer. I went to look for it but I only saw a box wrapped with a Happy Birthday wrapping paper. I told her about it and she said she had no idea. That's lame Elin and I'm not stupid okay hahas She kept on insisting me to open the box and see what's inside. wtf hahas So I unwrapped it and inside was a mug She told me to check my MSN and I saw her leaving me an IM wishing me Happy Belated Birthday. She's so sweeeet. I love that mug and again thanks so much Elin.

On a delayed post, I had a photoshoot with Raxinan which he'd promised and it's kinda like a birthday present from him to me. It was actually my idea long time ago but we didn't make it until my last day in Bintulu. We tried 3 different scenes the whole day and it was a blast I'll be uploading those pictures in Facebook so go check it out. Thanks to Raxinan too and ~

I guess my birthday wasn't that bad after all. They saved the best for last. :)


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