Monday, October 12, 2009

Take risks so you won't live with regrets.

What if the risks lead you to more regrets?

My monday blue can't be worse when I'm saturated with radioactivity and differential equations this morning. Not to say some maths sum that I dislike much. Maths is always not my thing. But then everything was fine until Mum texted me around 8pm telling me that I've gt an interview in Putra Jaya on the 5th of Nov. It's an interview from SPA which I went before on the last June which I failed but my Dad asked me to reapply again and who knows I might be lucky this time to get another shot. Yet this time I'm not that excited or even happy. I called my Mum straight away and she insisted me to go and give it a try. It sucks when you seem you have a choice but then actually you don't.

As I have always said 'cause life is pretty fucking bleak. :D

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