Sunday, October 11, 2009

Two wrongs make a twisted right

Hello prettyevil peepos!

Weekend is over and I hate when Mondays come cause you know how Monday make my day hell than suckish. I can't wait for Thursday cause I'm going to have a week plus holiday after that. Hurrah!

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No suprise why Faiznur's picture is here because I'm writing her a birthday post. Heh. This darling of mine is turning older on this very special day! Happy 18th birthday and now you're so legal hahas Hope you had a blast and I knew you did. :D I'm happy for you and do remember that I love you always okay? :D I wished her two hours later, sorry about that Oish but then I did make it up by wishing you on the phone, fb, twitter and here! Special treat for you my VIP

P/S: Cepat cepat cari boyfriend cute gik k? :p

On another unrelated story;

I watched this movie last night and I tell you it's a must watch movie! This thriller movie has made my adrenaline pumping faster than my heartbeat :D Some of the guys in the movie are hot and I kinda like Cassidy; one of the cast cause her voice is so special and she's hot in her pwn particular way. In case you haven't watched it, just catch the trailer at youtube and maybe you'll love it. (: So, 3 more movies to go but I don't think I can watch The Ugly Truth cause it's not showing in most of the cinemas. Damn! Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs looks nice too. I'll add that to my list *grin*

&& for last week I had a few major accomplishment and I'm proud of myself (Y)

# I cooked dinner for myself for the 5 consecutive days! *not typical menu I tell you*
# I've done my laundry
# I've tidied up my locker
# I've cleaned my study table

Seems that I've grown up huh? :D I just feel accomplished cause I can settle stuffs on my own and organize everything so well! Now all I need is to buck up and start studying for my test woot woot!


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