Sunday, November 8, 2009

25 things I want in a lover ♡♡

#1 Someone who makes me wake up smiling for no reason at all.
#2 Someone who makes my day, everyday.
#3 Someone who would be my partner in crime.
#4 Someone who would never forget to melt my heart.
#5 Someone whose actions speak louder then words.
#6 Someone who will never leave without goodbye.
#7 Someone with eyes so beautiful they make me wish you didn’t blink.
#8 Someone who is a part time lover and a full time friend.
#9 Someone who isn’t afraid to wipe away my tears.
#10 Someone who will hold my hands and then smile when I look at them in wonder.
#11 Someone who would lay me on their chest whenever I’m tired or sleepy.
#12 Someone that cares to listen to my pointless stories.
#13 Someone that will never run out of things to say.
#14 Someone who is not too proud to say I’m sorry.
#15 Someone who thinks that I’m the best thing that ever happened.
#16 Someone who doesnt need a reason to say “I love you”.
#17 Someone who gets that I’m not always going to be happy go lucky.
#18 Someone who will be my pillow when I’m down.
#19 Someone who’ll take me to the beach and build a sand castle with me.
#20 Someone who is willing enough to wait while I shop all day long.
#21 Someone who won’t mind my indecisiveness about the littlest things.
#22 Someone to warm up my cold hands.
#23 Someone who will stay up extremely late with me when I am working and need
another person to keep me sane.
#24 Someone who would court me every single day of our lives together.
#25 Someone who will sing with me all the songs on the radio.

Why 25? Because 25 is my favourite number (:


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