Monday, November 9, 2009

That doesn't make much sense,

I never said it did cause everything is never as it seems.

Today is a goodbad day.

MU broke my heart for the 3rd time because they lost to Chelsea. What's wrong with them? I wish I know the answer but too bad I don't pfft Maybe it's their so called new strategy -_-

The weather has been a bitch lately. I love rainy season but not when I'm outside w/o an umbrella. I was soaking in the rain this evening and I hope that I'm going to fall sick anytime soon hahas

Guess what? I found out there's a thing that I can't live w/o - COOKING GAS. I know it's lame but you have no idea how important it is to me. As you all know, cooked food always tastes better than raw food right? Haha wtf I'm rambling about That's not the point. The point is I've been starving for 2 hours just to wait that effin' cooking gas to be sent to my house so that I can cook my dinner. I'm pretty sure I'll die in 24 hours if I'm living in Africa now sheesh

So I have Physics for dinner, Physics for dessert, Physics for supper and probably Physics for breakfast. I bet I'm going to have a Physics-tastic day tomorrow(!) and soon enough I will be found dead right after the test because I had over dosage of Physics. YEAH FML cause I don't feel like studying for my Physics test tomorrow. Elin and Suzen were taking their sweet time too. Mr. Chan warned us that the paper will be spicy so it kinda kills my intention to study cause I think that I may not be able to answer even if I study. My sixth sense feels that I'm going to flunk this test either. Brilliant much don't you think? Thinking of the cold examination hall, I'm nervous already *faints out* Oh God, I'm such a pessimist T.T

And really, I should seriously stop procrastinating D: Okay I should really get to study now. Can anyone please inspire me to love Physics? Sigh.

Good luck to all those who are going to sit for SPM and finals this month. All the best!

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