Saturday, November 21, 2009

Let me get what I want this time

Happy Sa-turh-day peepos (:

I think there's something wrong with my lappy ): The screen turns black every 20 minutes and it remains the same when I click anything. The only way is to switch it off and switch it on again. Sigh. You better don't die or else I'll die too.

I went to KL for the second time this week with Belinda, yeah just the two of us. We're supposed to go there in the morning but we overslept. So we went there around evening and look around for my clutch and her heels. There was this chinese restaurant in Sg. Wang which caught in fire, I think nobody was hurt. Police and firemen are all over the place and the scenery was epic LOL Enough about the fire, moving on. We found lace dresses in Time Squares which are cheaper than those in online boutiques. Then we went to Pavillion after that and rushed back to catch the monorail and LRT. We reached home around 12am and my feet hurt like hell.

The rumours about the storm/snow that will occur in KL on 20th Nov at 7pm is so not true. It didn't even rain heavily that time. Screw that bugger who spread that and guess what even my Biology lecturer believed that LMAO

Anyway, it was fun but we didn't take much photos this time cause we're too busy finding our stuffs . Good day though ♥

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