Saturday, November 21, 2009

When you're not around

I'm back to my four walled cell now. I'm bloated and still staring at my unfinished fried kueh tiao and murtabak daging. I think I'll just throw them away, I seldom eat leftovers hahas Belinda and I went to Sungai Buloh today, where Elin's Mum's shop is to be exact, to sew my dinner dress. There's nothing much to sew actually, just to add in another two layer of netting to make my dress more puffy since my dress is quite plain. It took us around 15 minutes to get there and one hour to finish everything. We went to the pasar malam nearby after that and was so excited when we saw stalls after stalls selling all kinds of yummy food which are really cheap! I had apam balik, jagung bakar and fried popiah. They were finger licking good man!

Then Belinda sent me back to my hostel and I was sad to find no one here. I'm actually scared being alone sigh so I called Mum because I missed her call before. I didn't get to talk to Megan though and only God knows how much I missed her.

I wish I was back at home now because she's already on school holidays! I used to babysit her during her holidays but now I missed that. I wanted to be there during her graduation and help her to prepare for going to Primary One. I missed fighting over the remote control and drumsticks with her. I missed shouting at her when she's having her sweet time in the shower. I missed putting on pyjamas for her. I missed carrying her tuition bag for her. I missed sleeping with her where she will kick me in the middle of the night. I missed ignoring her when she comes over to my room for a bedtime story. I missed bullying her to make her mad and I missed her laughter for sure. Thinking of all these starts to make my eyes tearing up. Seriously I miss home and I hope time could fly faster so that I will be home soon by mid Feb 2010!


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