Friday, November 27, 2009

Maybe this is how our cookies crumble

System switched to lazy mode.

It feels more like a Sunday to me today and I'm currently listening to Russian Roulette by Rihanna (:

OMFG I've been sleeping my ass off for the whole day, or 14 hours to be exact and now I feel slightly better than any other day of this week. My sis on the other hand went to Sunway Pyramid today and spoiled herself in Cotton On and yeah I hate her cause I'm jealous! I so gonna shop there next month! I promised myself that hahas

Next up will be Desperate Housewives marathon(!) and I've finished 3 episodes of ANTM yaw :D
I wish I have more movies or drama to watch just to kill my time cause I'm kinda sick of going online. Everything seems bored to me lately. It's always the same old thang sigh Mum even asked me to sleep since I have nothing better to do. How come she didn't ask me to study? WAY TO GO MUM!

I called home the last two days ago and poor Megan is sick and my parents had to cancel their trip to Miri. She's suspected to have coxsackie since she had those red spots on her hands and feet. When I called home again today, she told me that the spots has disappeared and Mum even claimed that the doctor fooled them LMAO!

Nowadays, I tend to crave for all kinds of food. From Chocolate Indulgences from Secret Recipe to McD's Mcflurry and also rendang but the thing is I don't wanna gain weight! T3T I'm fat fat fat fat fat and I have big thighs ): Maybe it's time to live a healthy lifestyle which is quite impossible for a lazy bum like me. That and I think I've mentioned this before but then I never got around to it So, 8 glasses of water per day, more veggies and fruits, workouts thrice a week, eat my meal on time. I think I'm gonna need someone to push me or maybe a reward will help? *wide grin*

My hair is growing and I don't have the intention yet to cut it because I just wanna let it grow. Long hair for new year probably? I might dye it again for CNY. Speaking of the very festival, I'm uber excited because my sister has bought the air-tickets so now it's confirmed that I'll be going back for almost 2 weeks(!) woot woot It'd better be more happening than last year but what matter the most is my family. Aww, I can't wait for goodness sake.

On a sad case, my condolences and deepest sympathy to Lai Raxinan on his loss of his beloved father early this morning who passed away after suffering from a cancer. May his soul rest in peace and may God bless. I wish I'm there for you, be strong okay? Lots of love from me.

Anyway click on my ads okay people? Goodbye.


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