Thursday, November 26, 2009

You mean the world to be but you'll never know

I'm still tired and I need some sleep. Please bear with me will you?

Last night was fun but not quite happening like what I've expected. Prolly I will get the photos by next week so yeah just stay tuned for future updates. Okay, enough said.

Thank God I'm on holiday cause this is what I need the most right now but still there is test coming up next week, crap much.

New Moon is out && I'm so gonna watch it asap(!)

I have no idea what I'm rambling. Anyway again my head is spinning real fast and I'm filled with ultra sadness this minute for no reason. I don't feel like dressing up. I don't feel like laughing. It's creepy cause I've not been myself for a week and to me this is no laughing matter. What if it leads to mental breakdown? Fkfkfkfk. Take me with you. Without you everything just falls apart. It's not as much fun to pick up the pieces. You're my perfect drug.

People, go ahead and shoot me in my head. I know that is what you feel when you're reading my endless crap post but I don't fucking care. But before that, click on my ads pls? Thank you very very much.


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