Monday, November 30, 2009

You give me everything just by breathing

Currently listening to Another heart calls by AAR.

My feet are freezing and it's effin cold because of the rain. Current mood? Trying to figure out myself as well.

It's the last day of November so you know what that means right? I'm getting my allowance tomorrow(!) woot woot then I can update my shopping list, plus Mega Sale just started and it's everywhere ZOMG Cotton On, I'm cominggggggg! && I bet I'm gonna end up broke again this Dec :D

Btw, I've watched New Moon, where most girls are obsessed with the pale looking drug addict but surely not me. He is just not my thang okay? I read Twilight yet I didn't even finish it cause I'm not into blood sucking humans and stuffs so I'm only interested in watching the movies. Most people do agree that reading the novel before watching the movie will make it a spoiler cause it's more detail in the novel which tends to make you expect more when you watch the movie wtf I talk too much crap.

Well, moving on.

To me, I think the movie was okay. I love the animations and the pretty eyes of those vampires. Charming much :D All the lovey dovey quotes are indeed sweet but to an extend that I feel like vomitting cause it's giving me goosebumps LOL

I hate Bella Swan cause she looks stupid in every romantic scenes. Like common, you're an actress! Don't you have a better face expression than your um-I-am-so-horny-come-kiss-me face and yeah I hate you more cause you treat Jacob as a rebound.

So absolutely I'm on team Jacob because he is the sexiest creature alive. Love at first sight I tell you ♥♥

Bella Swan: You're sort of beautiful *drool*

He is not only beautiful you moron, he is really really hot with the short hair of course! His six packs just turns me on. The moment I saw him, I awwwwed and I think I almost faint. Come closer baby, I need a CPR LMAO && I love it when he said "What a marshmallow!" Can I be your wifey, pretty please? :D

I guess I'll rate this movie 8 out of 10.

Anyway, enough about New Moon ugh I can't wait to have nasi lemak for breakfast tomorrow. Oh calories T_________________T

Pardon me for the crappy vocab and sucky grammar. I'm too lazy to bother anything right now.

Before that, please click on my ads okay people? (:


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