Tuesday, December 1, 2009

When I say jump,

You say how high :D

Hello lovely earthlings. Don't you think the weather is fine today? (:

I'm currently blogging in IT class cause apparently my IT lecturer doesn't seem to bother much about us (maybe he's not interested with our class) and as you all know IT is always boring. I mean, uber BORING. Teaching with powerpoint? Definitely turns me off, I even feel like sleeping boo. He brought along a CPU today so I guess he will be explaining each and every part or system of the CPU. He even thinks that I'm taking note with my laptop while I'm surfing the net now LOL and Elin is playing her pet society on fb wtf but I do feel sorry for him.

It's been a while since we went swimming because of the rainy days lately so we're going swimming after class today. We as in me, Elin and Suzen. :D Anyway, I'm in a good mood today. Everything seems to be okay and boy I'm loving it. 1ST DEC 2009, nice date, nice day ♥♥ && oh ya we even planned to have a graduation trip next year among us today. To thailand, how does that sounds? And maybe a day trip to Melaka or an island soon. Oh man, I can't wait!

Have a nice day people.


Updated at 8.56pm

The swimming was called off because of the rain AGAIN, so the three of us went jogging around our place. I called home after that and talked to Mum && Megan (; I feel so sleepy right now but it's kinda early to go to bed at this hour and I'm lazy to study for bio test on Thursday. My blog is boring, I am a boring person and nobody would want to read a loser's blog which is full of raging rants.

So I guess that's the reason that my readers are decreasing again?

I have nothing to blog but my dull life and all those shitty lovey dovey stuffs. How great!

There's a noob here who needs some inspiration people, can't you see? Desperately need some vavavoom as well. Lord, please grant me some? Blah blah gagagaaahh.

I don't feel like doing anything at this moment cause I'm not in the mood urgh FML seriously.


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