Thursday, November 19, 2009

You're banging like a speakerbox

Now my cough is like a rhythm, I'll cough in like every 20 secs and man it's hell irritating I tell you. Maybe I should take cough syrup or tablets. I can't stand it anymore because it's a dry cough I'm having now. Who knows I may suffocate in any minutes and then RIP. This ain't no laughing matter cause I think people around me is starting to cough too. Aww, my bad D:

I'm sleeping over at Belinda's house tonight and tomorrow. We have some plans to do these few days *grinnnn* Today was really tiring because we're quite busy with classes and dance rehearsal. I was glad that we almost finish learning all the dance moves and I bet with a few more practices, it will be perfect but it's hard memorising all those steps and in the meantime putting them all together. I need to be graceful and sexy; not a stick LOL

God, I hope that this weekend doesn't end as fast as last week. I beg you. Anyway, please be kind enough to click on my ads people! Thanks. Click as much as you can okay? :D

Do you have any idea how much I miss you? Sigh.

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