Saturday, December 26, 2009


Currently listening to Fire Burning on the Dancefloor by Sean Kingston.

I slept in the dark last night and all I have was your smell on teddy. Sad case isn't it? Wish you were here.

I woke up at 9.30am when my alarm rang but I switched it off and went back to sleep. I ended up overslept and I was rushing all the way to my sis'. Luckily I reached there on time cause the public bus and train was not packed at all today for the very first time and I was quite happy with it since I dislike crowds and stuffs. I had my lunch after that with her and her boyfriend, went to buy some food and headed straight home. Minutes later, I can't help myself but continue sleeping till 10pm :D So yes, I think I've ruin my daily sleeping routine FML

Prolly should start doing my biology reports, I've been mentioning about it since ages but I haven't start anything yet. So again FML(!)


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