Sunday, December 27, 2009

Toothpaste kisses

Hello. Ah yes, this is Hilda ranting in her favourite place C:

I've just finished watching Bedtime Stories on my lappy while playing Pet Society on Facebook and doing my Biology tutorials. At least I'm slightly productive today YAY I know I'm a very pro multi tasker tsk tsk I've just checked the latest score between Arsenal and Aston Villa as well and yes Arsenal ruled again by 3-0. Well done. It's already FULL TIME btw. Man U's match will start in an half hour time so I'll keep my fingers crossed cause they really need to win this time. They're gradually falling far back behind for fuck sake.

Oh, Streamyx couldn't be much bitch-er than ever for the past two days and I tell you it's unbearable. My MSN keep disconnecting every 20 minutes and I can't really surf the net. I'm sick of clicking the refresh button! I'm going to die die die if this continues. Perhaps it's a sign telling me that I should start doing my reports?

Well, so far holiday is okay. I still get to sleep and relax a bit but I'm missing my lovelies so badly D: No more fights between Elin and Suzen, no more complaints from Suzen, no lunch at Mama's Kitchen, no breakfast at Ali Maju, no stories from Belinda, no naggings from Mr Chan, no jokes from Mr Daniel, no gossips, no Ayamas Hotdogs, no hardcore laughter from the lovelies and no hangouts. I can't wait till college reopens! I bet you guys don't miss me T.T

Anyway, 4 more days till New Year and I'm still working on the resolution. Don't blame me, I'm a procrastinator in nature :D

6 more reports, 4 more tutorials. Till then, Happy Holidays guys :D Continue to click on my ads okie? Click banyak banyak till your fingers hurt LOL

Kissy kiss. Gdnight.