Monday, December 7, 2009

Good vibes?

I just got home from Mamak with Belinda, Elin and Suzen. The four of us were supposed to revise for our Chemist tutorials tomorrow but ended up coughing our lungs out after shisha-ing. The good thing is class starts at 11am tomorrow so we don't have to wake up early and we don't have to take the college bus (Y)

Belinda will be sleeping over at my place after months of abandoning us in the hostel, she used to live here so yeah. She's here to make sure that I'm okay and yes that's really really sweet of her ♥ her tons!

Anyway, nothing to talk about today cause I pretty much spent my whole day filling up my tummy, sleeping and go online instead of studying. I did but not much (;

I guess I'm okay now? Much better of course. Click on my ads okayyyyy?

Goodnight, bitter dreams.


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