Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Like a midnight sun


I'm still alive, merely half dead cause I've been going through a lot lately FML

Currently listening to Fuck You by Lily Allen cause somehow it related to how I'm feeling right now.

Do you really enjoy living a life that's so hateful?

I’ve been giving out chances everytime and all you do is let me down
And its taking me this long but baby I figured you out
And you think it will be fine again but not this time around

You don’t have to call anymore
I won’t pick up the phone
This is the last straw
Don’t want to hurt anymore
And you can tell me that you’re sorry
But I won’t believe you baby like I did before
You’re not sorry no more, no more, no
— You're not Sorry by Taylor Swift

I won't forgive and forget no matter what.


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