Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Nuffy Nuff Nuff

Don't just read my blog. Do your part as well by clicking on my adsssss too please. Just click it yaw, click it.

Every click counts(!) so continue to show your support by clicking all the ads available (:

In case you don't get it when I said ads, ads means advertisement for short LOL and below are the few examples of the ads which are available in my blog. It might varies from time to time and depends on which ads is appearing. Anyway, just click it okay.

KDU Open Day

Avatar Movie Screening

8TV Twisties Bingit LR

Hong Kong Disneyland TVL SS

SK-II Christmas Promotion LR

Thank you very muchhhhh :D Much love to those who clicked all these while (:

It reached 200 uniques yesterday and the CTR bonus for one of the ads increased as well. So yeah I was kinda happy cause it's like the first time to get this high but then I'm pretty sure it's gonna drop again today since my readers are not that consistent. It's okay, it's still better than nothing.

P/s: Prolly I should put in the Happy-O-meter and poll too but the problem is I'm using blogskin so it doesn't have much box to fill in all my ads and stuffs. Lame much. Or prolly I'll just use back the old and original blogger template when I find a new purdy header pic! Anyway, it all depends if I'm hardworking enough to fix all this. Well, we'll see.


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