Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I forgot to breathe so I died

Currently listening to Break Your Little Heart by All Time Low.

Try sleeping with a broken heart

GGGGGGGGGGGGGG(!) I just finished watching the lastest episode, GGS3E12 (:

I love the beanie and the studded jacket that Jenny wore in this episode! She looks so effin' pretty in any outfit that she's wearing *envy*

All I can think of is Chuck Chuck Chuck Chuck GG Chuck Blair Chair Chuck Chuck Chuck Serena&Nate Nate Nate Dan&Vanessa Chuck Chuck Chuck Jenny&Eric Chuck Chuck Chuck as the most delicious and sexiest food alive.

How can anyone say GG isn’t as good as it was before? Season 3 is definitely better than the previous season. The tension, suspense, lies, scandals and hot romance, what’s not to love? PLUS, there’s Chuck Chuck Chuck Bass yaw! <3>die to have a boyfriend like Chuck Bass I tell you!

Enough bout this GG madness. Let's talk about my day, shall we?

I had to secretly admit that today was a good day and I can feel that I'm getting better about the whole thing that's going on lately.

So, I had Maths, Bio pratical and Chemistry today. So during Bio practical, we have to disect a frog and it's still alive but unconscious of course.

I felt so sorry for it when I saw the heart is still beating while the lab assistant was killing him slowly. I couldn't hold myself and I wished I can do anything to save it && luckily it didn't jumpa up and kiss me, or else I'm gonna be a frog too! Well, that's not true for sure LOL I was kinda grossed out seeing the whole experiment and intended to bring it back home to bury it but then my classmates had cut it into pieces so I kinda cancel that thought of mine. They are cruel, aren't they? Sheeshh. Thank God the disect thingy didn't cause me to throw up and still I'm able to have my lunch C: The whole bunch of us went to Pizza Hut for our lunch and yeah we are noisy as usual and fool around here and there and never miss taking pictures. Anyway, ♥ them.

I can feel that I'm getting heavier and that's definitely not a very good news to me. I have the intention to work out but I'm too lazy even to lift my ass to have shower and I rather sleep most of the time when I'm suppose to exercise. I guess I'm hopeless FML I IZ A FAT ROUND MONSTER WITH TWO HUGE ASS-ES! RAWR.

Last but not least, I want to go shopping!

Click on my adsss okay? Kissy kiss.


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