Friday, December 11, 2009

You’re just a song and everyone knows the lyrics

Most times, it's just a lot easier not to let the world know what's wrong.

Sometimes you just need to realize that you can't have it all and you can't fix every mistake you made. You need to move on and try to be happy, even if it's the hardest thing you'll ever do.

Today, I'm RM132 poorer to be exact because I went shopping with two of my old classmates. We went to KLCC, Pavillion and Time Square. I didn't buy much actually and yeah it's hearbreaking when it cost that much && since when I'm into shoe shopping? I bought a pair of red flat pumps from Cotton On and a pair of wedges from Time Squares. I'm so happy to have those two babies!I bought a new pair of shorts as well and a singlet from MNG.

Changed my mind, here you go with my babies' pictures :D

Got it for only rm35! *steal*

Just the right colour for CNY, RIGHT? RM39 per pair :D

Oh btw, I want a skirt with studs on the side, and a pair of lace leggings, perhaps something with leopard prints (saw some on Cotton On) and a new bag, tons of dresses, bikini(!) and the list keep going on. I never had enough :p

Cathy will be flying to Singapore tomorrow and she will transit at KLIA for 3 hours. I feel like going to meet her and that matter is still under discussion D: She should have tell me earlier, I'm so effin broke right now sheeshI missssss her real bad, so prolly I'll go for her sake cause I don't know when it's the next time I'll be seeing her =_______________=

I'll be going out again after this as I had mentioned in my previous post. Elin will be coming over to fetch me and meet the rest at Kelana Jaya I guess. Tonight better be fun!

I shall go shower and get ready before I'm late. I think I stink *sniff sniff* Yes, I do. Byeeeee.

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annyss said...

hey babe,where's ur c-box?my intrnt signal here sux la.

Hilda Milda said...

i memang dont have a cbox :p