Thursday, December 10, 2009


Remember all the things we wanted
Now all our memories they're haunted
We were always meant to say goodbye

Is this our last embrace or will the walls start caving in?

I had this wake up call this morning after months of deep sleep. It hit me really hard in the head and reminded me now and then that it's time to snap out of it. All this while, there are both nightmares and sweet dreams yet I still refused to wake up. Perhaps I should think of out the box and do some reflection on my own. What is the exact purpose I'm here? Why do I keep delaying my work? I should take this matter seriously before I regret and bounce back to the spirit that I always used to have for my studies. And one thing for sure, I'm studying not because my parents wanted me to but for my own future and theirs as well. Thanks for the Physics paper that I flunked real bad and for the record, this is the first time ever, me failing my Physics in my whole entire life (Y) So, it's clear why Physics and I never get along well. Maths was almost an enemy whom I gave up defeating but not anymore. Now, I'll be ready in a shining armour and swords to fight this battle. Not a single minute to waste Hilda, you've wasted a lot. Chop chop, time to buck up.

So yeah it's Thursday and nothing much happened today. I finished class early today so I went swimming in the evening with Elin and cook my own dinner. Now I just feel restless at the moment and I think I'll be heading to bed early tonight so that I'll wake up early tomorrow and start digging in my Biology notes. I can't wait for tomorrow night tho, ladies night out with my lovessss (the five of us) :D

I guess day by day I'll gradually get over the pain. *fingers crossed*

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