Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Another typical weekend getaway

Where to? Miri, this time! I can be considered as a Mirian cause I was born there and my mum originates from Miri and her family is in Miri as well (; Miri is like my second home.

Why seahorse? Cause it's the mascot of Miri city!

The journey took at least 3 hours if you're using the costal highway (but it's nothing like the highway in KL, trust me) and all you can see along the road were just oil palm plantations, dry lands and more oil palm plantations. You might get to see skinny huge ass cows if you're lucky LOL

Look left and right and this is what you'll see. Told ya :P

The 3D2N trip this time was not as productive as I've expected cause I can't find anything at all. Srsly, I was searching high and low yet ended up going home with just a pair of running shoes, some snacks and a big fat tummy. How sad is that, you tell me! But still, I had a great time with my family, all those ber-bonding, arguing and laughing our ass out moments. That should be the only thing that matters, right? (: Too bad the elder sis missed out all these fun, can't wait for CNY where the whole family is complete!

Not gonna crap much anymore, so just scroll down and enjoy the photos!

Tanjong Lobang Beach;

They certainly have prettier beach compared to the one in Bintulu. I shall reckon Luak Esplanade and Marina Bay too for more awesome views and places to take picture :D Since it's the monsoon season now, that pretty much explains high tide and humongous wave!

Sweet tooth;

Of Wonka and Donashi

Om nom noms;

Bidin/Midin with belacan!

Mani Cai with egg!!

Ikan Pari Panggang!!!

These three are in must-eat-dishes list when you're in Sarawak & when I say must, it's a MUST!

Meet the vainpot and the brat;

The peace sign ^^V

The talk to the hand sign ^^W

Last but not least, meet the 3/5 of the Teo's family :D

So how was your weekend?

P/S: I'm still on a trip now but not Miri this time, somewhere..... that I'll reveal soon :P So be sure to stay tuned!



Victor Imung said...

Peace sign ^^V. :D

Jamie Wong said...

omg i love your camera. those pictures! my camera is a garbage and should now go to the dustbin!

~♥ Lynette Tan ♥~ said...

Ur dimple is sooo deep when u smile!! cute!! :D

sMoochie said...

wah, u ppl have nowhere to go till go to the beach? so not u guys lo!

and megan at the last pic... chubby dao!

and mani cai i wan!!!

SiMon Har said...

i remember Marina Bay was very nice! and your sister is so cute :)

SuFang (Careen) said...

I just know seahorse is the mascot of Miri, so cute xP

Small Kucing said...

lovely sea view. Drooling at the ikan bakar

Lilian Hii (백합) said...

I love love love Ikan Pari Panggang!! with lots of lime *slurp*

Chuen said...

ah so nice get to go on holidays!

~Snowman~ said...

wow! syok ehh? nice sea view! xD and ur sis is really cute! =)

SIM YEE said...

ahhhhh ur sis is so chubby! *pinch pinch*

hmm..miri looked like there's nothing much there eh. or this is only part of miri?

YEEINGNG ♥ said...

Eeekk, the cake look so nice. and yeahh you and your sis so chubby *PINCHHHHH

Joanne said...

Oh miri! I've never been to there, I've been to Kuching only!

TOLANIC said...

The sea is it crystal clear water?

jfook said...

=D Miri is a nice place.

Josephine said...

Miri must be fun. Enjoy your hoilday!
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Chuckie Cotton said...

Donashi is lame...seriously...LOL
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Kian Fai said...

Chubby Family! =X dun slap me please XD

Lynnie said...

ohohoh can we see seahorses at Miri?

John said...

kekekeke. miri. was there a long time ago. i think.