Sunday, January 31, 2010

All I need is faith

Meet my childhood and forever will be bestfriend (:

It's been a while since the last time we chatted on MSN right? I miss webcam-ing with you as well. I'm glad that we talked today heh Too bad we can't meet before you're flying off to NZ. I'll be missing you like hell for sure. I can't call you that often anymore like I used to. Btw, you gotta pay for invading my fb I tell you. I don't care! Anyway, 12 years of going through thick and thin with you is just always unforgettable. BFF You made my day :D Love you!


I'm more than eager to watch tonight match although I know I'll be ended up in disappointment after the match. Man United vs Arsenal in Emirates people :DDD


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CathCathCathyyy said...

oh hun, i love you too, even if i didn't say it to u tat often anymore, I stil love you as much and I wil always ALWAYS be there for you. =)