Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I know I'm world most dangerous predator. Bear with me :D

First it's three little birds, now I'm killing two of them with one stone. Brilliant right? I know tsk tsk


Well, regarding my previous blog on three little birds, I'm not even referring the three little birds to anyone. It's just a random title from one of Bob's Marley songs. Like hello? Perhaps you should go google who Bob Marley is. And if you really read it, it's actually karma that is writing to me (of course not literally) and the bitch I've mentioned is ME. Don't you get it? Maybe you need to revise your pre-school English text books (: I guess anyone would know that I'm talking to Karma in the end of the post. I'm pissed but I'm going to be civil.

For the record, I've never bad-mouthed anyone on my blog cause I'm just too classy for that. Well, it's normal to dislike someone or anyone, but you don't go raging about that particular someone for the entire world to read. If it is so, what do you get in return? People might hate you for hating people. What you write reflects your own personality.

Oh, by the way,

If you do hate me, why even bother stalking me?

Yes, reading my blog and quoting it on twitter constitutes as stalking. I'm flattered.

I'm sorry if you have a problem with that, deal it yourself okay or go get a life will you? Just swallow your big ego and stop thinking that everything is about you. I'm too busy for that cause I forgive and forget. You wanna start a fire now, I'll just put it out. It's useless if I entertain you. Make cupcakes, not war. I'm cool with it, like seriously.

Life goes on.


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