Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Who would've thought

I've lost my mojo in blogging.

9 hours later...

Maybe not.

See, I'm back cause I still love my readers so yes I'm gonna update as much as possible but is there really anyone who are always there reading all my craps?

I hope so (:

The first week of January has not been that great. I'm sick and tired of everything. When I said everything, it means EVERYTHING. People around me seems to be in the same situation like me as well. First, getting sick and then having problems dealing with their own personal life. Life isn't always about being happy right?

5 days after the big day, I'm now pretty much broken and impaired in the inside. Not fully heart broken though, it's just that I'm always the insecure bitch. I admit it, I tend to think too much and often exaggerate stuffs That's my number one weakness when it comes to relationship. I wish I can be a little more tough.

"Uncertainty is the biggest torture in love. You feel jealous yet you can’t complain. You get hurt yet can’t show it. You can love with your all yet you can’t say it. All you can do is watch, enjoy the smiles. Keep the pain. And show how much that person means to you."

I totally agree with that, no doubt I tell you. Sigh ): No matter what, chin up, Hilda.

College life has been busy at the moment with reports, extra class, test, tutorials and presentation yadaa yadaa yadaa Since, I'm in Semester Two now so I guess that's normal. Gotta bear with it and keep moving on. I just can't wait any longer for CNY break, one more month yaw. One more month to go and still counting the days :D

So what's interesting lately? *come closer, trying to whisper* Let me share with you this little secret of mine. *Pause for a while, clearing my throat* I'm in love with this taiwan drama called 下一站, 幸福 or known as Autumn's Concerto (which sounds kind of lame) but anyways it's really really really really nice I tell you. Btw, one of the member of an old school taiwan boyband, F4 was acting in it and he's one hot guy in that drama *drool* I wasn't really a fan of taiwan drama before this cause I'm a bit choosy when it comes to drama but this one really captured my heart tsk tsk and now I even go gaga talking about it. I even have all the soundtracks LOL You can either download or watch it in YOUTUBE!

PS: My mummy is sucha dear today. Love her to bits like always! :DDD

I guess that's all for today. Stay tune for more updates! Don't forget to click on my ads btw, CLICK MANY MANY TIMES okay?


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